Faster Way Patriotic T-shirt and Tank

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Size: Small

Style: T-shirt

Celebrate your wins and your commitment to your health with our brand new patriotic tank and tee, exclusive to you for rocking the 4 Week Summer Shred! These premium-quality pieces provide both style and comfort, ensuring you look and feel your best during workouts and everyday life. With a fit, festive, and patriotic flair, this is one you will wear over and over again with pride! Which will you pick - tank or tee?!

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Mens/Unisex T-shirt Size Chart:
SIZE                     Chest to fit

XS                           31"-34"

S                             34"-37"

M                           38"-41"

L                             42"-45"

XL                           46"-49"

XXL                         50"-53"


Womens Tank Size Chart:
SIZE                     Fit Sizes

S                             2-4

M                           6-10

L                            10-14

XL                          14-18

XXL                        18-20